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Testimonial for the Design & Build of a sports base in Teaca, BN

The project was built by Atlas Sport, a very serious company.
From the beginning I was pleased with the specialists who worked to build this sports complex.
We are very satisfied with the result!

Testimonial for Design & Build of a covered Multi purpose Field in Târnăveni, MS

Together with Atlas Sport we managed to create a sport field at European standards. They were the most prompt and correct team and they showed excellency and quality. Thank you Atlas Sport for the honesty you proved during the realization of the sport field.

Testimonial for the Design & Build of a Multi purpose Field in Baciu, CJ

Our collaboration with Atlas Sport started in 2013. We are pleased with the way it was built and with the quality of the field.
The construction works were finished in time, our community is satisfied with the result we have obtained.

Testimonial for the Building of 2 football fields in Sântimbru, AB

We were very pleased with their works. If we called them for a second project, it was because we were satisfied with what they did for us the first time.
We recommend Atlas Sport to other City Halls and institutions if they want to build artificial sports fields for young people.
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