Official Football fields

official size with artificial turf

Artificial turf for football fields, can be the ideal choice. sintetic turf for football only must be at least 40 mm and 60 mm maximum height.

The construction of a quality field with artificial football lawn requires special knowledge, special maintenance and an understanding of the usage practices.

Artificial turf is the successful solution for soccer fields because they can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in all weather conditions.

So the advantages of artificial turf are higher than those of natural grass: low maintenance costs, increased quality of the game, durability, reduced injuries and the possibility of using the football field all year round.

Depending on your project, the Atlas Sport team will recommend you the right lawn for your field, and the installation of artificial turf will be made by our professional team.

Dimensions of official football fields with artificial turf

According to the Romanian National Standard, the dimensions must be:

  • Length: minimum 90m, maximum 120m
  • Width: minimum 45m, maximum 90m
Besides these dimensions, there has to be a safety space of minimum:
  • 2.5m on the long sides.
  • 6m on the short sides, behind the goals.
As a result, we recommend the field dimensions to be 117 x 73 m (UEFA dimensions).

The fence of an official football fields with artificial turf

  • Perimeter mesh fence which doesn't obstruct the spectator's visual field, H=2,2m (minimum according to national standards).
  • Safety net panels, mounted in the area behind the goals, with H=6m.

The infrastructure of official football fields with artificial turf

  • Stone filtering layer, with the purpose of consolidating the terrain and draining the rain water.
  • Fertile ground layer.

The lawn of official football fields with artificial turf

  • Soccer synthetic lawn with 40-60 mm high grass, infill made with dry quartz sand and rubber granules.
  • The lawn can be laid in 4m segments, with 2 different green tones, having the aspect of official stadiums.
  • The lawn has markings with white line insertions.