Multisport fields

with artificial grass

A multisport artificial grass is intended for fields on which several sports are practiced (football, handball, basketball, tennis, volley), like the sports fields of the schools. In these situations, the multisport artificial turf is the best option to cover the field, from quality/price/utility point of view. Multisport artificial grass should have a small thickness, between 15 mm and 35 mm.

Built surface: 42x22 m
Playable surface: 40x20 m

The surroundings of a multisport field with artificial turf

The construction of a quality field with natural football lawn requires special knowledge, special maintenance and an understanding of the usage practices. To obtain the right playing surface, ATLAS SPORT provides you with a natural lawn with high quality seeds, which will produce a dense and thick lawn, resistant to major impacts and with the capacity to repair itself when needed.

For an optimal comfort for the players, we can also use artificial grass, 40-60 mm tall, made from polyethylene (which doesn't scratch or burn the players' skin when it touches the grass) and an infill made with dry quartz sand and rubber granules. The infill made with rubber granules creates a flexible mattress that makes contact with the surface safe and pleasant.

The turf used by our firm on the soccer fields meets all requirements for use in stadiums. Natural turf will be installed on sandy soils, has no weeds, it is malleable and resistant. On our website you can see a few examples of official football fields where our team installed natural lawn:

The infrastructure of a multisport field with artificial turf includes:

  • Perimeter mesh fence, which doesn't obstruct the spectator's visual field, H=2,2m (minimum according to national standards).
  • Safety net panels, mounted in the area behind the goals, with H=6m.

The night light installation of multisport fields with artificial turf includes:

The UEFA executive committee established the following standard for the playable surface:

  • 105 x 68m
According to the National Standard, the dimensions must be
  • Length: minimum 90m, maximum 120m
  • Width: minimum 45m, maximum 90m
Besides these dimensions, there has to be a safety space of minimum:
  • 2.5m on the long sides.
  • 6m on the short sides, behind the goals.
As a result, we recommend the field dimensions to be 117 x 73 m (UEFA dimensions).

The lawn used in construction of multisport fields are:

  • Stone filtering layer, with the purpose of consolidating the terrain and draining the storm waters.
  • Fertile ground layer.

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