Multisport grounds with plaid

Multisport lands are desired by all. It is the best solution that serves multiple sports games on the same field. This is the main reason why we have created the best solution, together with the best materials to give players 100% satisfaction on the sports ground. Polyurethane sports floors (plaid) are ideal for multisport grounds with tartan. A multisport field with plaid is easy to maintain and is ideal for any type of sport activity. Because of styreneacrylic componence, multisport plaid fields show extreme resistance to abrasion, weathering, UV radiation and climate change. The plaid is easy to apply and due to its elasticity, the play area is safe for players, ensuring exceptional performance. Other advantages: - plaid floors reduce the risk of injury by absorbing shocks and skid - pleasant aesthetic - Strong resistance to heat and light - support heavy loads - the plaid acts as an inhibitor against mold and bacterial growth Atlas Sport offers a variety of colors and combinations of layers for a good adaptability to various sports.

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