Nocturne installations

for sport grounds

In the construction of sports fields, night light installations occupy a very important role. Installing a night light, a sports ground lighting system, you can provide a lot of benefits for players and fans, including the safety of athletes, possibility of a more flexible schedule for the game, and improving the supporters experience.

Depending on your needs, the options for Night light installations can be short or long:
  • Temporary lighting - portable units, stand alone that are usually suitable for special events
  • Permanent lighting - mounted on concrete or steel pillars for long-term use.
If you own a football field, or you want the construction of a sports field with nocturne installations, there are several factors to consider in this process:
  • Community Approval, depending of sports field location, nearby neighbors or businesses may have concerns about shedding light on their property. The city may have Ordinances for Regulating Outdoor Lighting, blindless effect allowed, especially near roads and highways.
  • Power lines, overhead and underground power lines must be identified and included in the project when it is realizing a nocturnal installation for sports grounds
  • It is the land stable enough to support lighting poles? There is easy access for installation equipment and maintenance and repairs?
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Operating costs
Each sports center, football field, tennis field, sports complex or any other type of land for sports activities or events, requires nocturne installation, as this is a very important detail, it is not recommended to overlook. Nocturnal lighting can prolong the game, both in summer and in winter ,especially, when the day is much shorter.
The reflectors number required for installation is set and customized according to each land area associated with the sport grounds. We recommend using 400W projectors with metal iodide lamps or LED projectors, very efficient in terms of energy consumption.
To reduce blindness effect, the nocturne will be installed on poles at least 4 m, depending on the size of the sports field.
In achieving nocturnes for sports grounds we use: floodlighting poles (different sizes and heights), bulb or LED spotlights, switchboard and related wiring.


The differences between a classic night light and a LED night light are considerable, all the advantages being in favor of LEDs.
A night light with LED consumes only 30% of the energy consumed by a conventional night light, the lamps ignite directly to maximum brightness power, having a lifetime of 30 years.
The cost of LED night lights is double when compared to a classic night light, but if it regularly used, the difference is depreciated in a relatively short time, which means long life services and a more profitable investment than the classic nocturne.


Atlas Sport offers special nocturne systems with LED and solar panels. This system can be mounted anywhere, without the need for branching the electricity grid. So you can have a sports field extremely well lit anywhere. Another great advantage of nocturnal solar panels and LED projectors is that it reduces the energy costs to zero !!

For more details, please feel free to contact us!
Atlas Sport offers night light solutions for sport grounds with high luminous efficiency, high durability and easy maintenance.
The lighting calculation is performed with specific software designed to improve quality of the lighting system.
In our society work is included execution of outdoor lighting installations - sports areas - so we are awaiting your requires.

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