Sports ground covered structures

For covering sport fields and sport complexes we use two types of structures:
  • metalic structure + membrane
  • Pressostatic balloon

Metal arches structure covered with PVC Sheets - Tension heads

  • The construction steel structure for athletic fields are made of latticed frame (lattice arches) from OL37 steel pipes or type S280 galvanized steel. Its framework will consist of several pieces to be transported following the pieces to be assembled on site with mechanical assembly (screws) and welding where it will be necessary. Underlying arcs, they are connected by articulated concrete surface (foundation).
  • Longitudinally, frameworks will be bound together by secondary beams (longitudinal) from OL37 steel pipes or type S280 galvanized steel.
  • In the sight of bracing structure will be used tyrants (rods) from OL37 steel or type S280 galvanized steel X-shaped type, and to strain them they will be provided with turnbuckles.
  • Bracings are attached to the structure by metal parts pieces fixed with screws class 8.8.
  • Protection of metal parts will be achieved through the priming and painting process in two layers; with this process leading to a total of approximately 100μm layer.
  • Besides this, the structure can be protected by galvanizing, on request, with the advantage that the structure will be immersed in a bath of zinc and therefore elements protection will be achieved within the tubes. (this method of corrosive protection is not subject to this offer).
  • In the process of rolling all components will be used last-generation machines.
  • The resistance elements that make up the structure are sized according to current regulations and will be done according to a draft resistance checked and stamped by MLPAT.
  • The cover of the roof can be made of PVC membrane of 900 g / sqm fabric 12x12. The tarpaulin roof and two gables are made from a unique piece and strips assembling is made in factory with high frequency welding machines (this process is superior to that of hot air welding, the tensile strength and duration of the high frequency welding being much higher).
  • Strips from sheet composition are cut with Special programs for PVC membranes cutting and their debiting is achieved computerized through a PVC membranes cutting plotter unique in Romania today.
  • The technical documentation will include both the draft resistance for reinforced concrete foundations and superstructure project from the tender. Structural elements calculation will be made taking into account the loads of snow, wind and seismic load specific for each geographical areas.
  • The protective mesh from textile materials on areas where canvas is sliding during the summer
  • To achieve the steel structure construction design variant, it is proposed design alternatives, with a lifespan of 50 years.

Sports field Coverage with pressostatic balloon

The main advantage of pressostatic balloon covering system is the ease with which it can be installed and moved anywhere, because it does not need a support system. The pressostatic balloons are supported by air pressure switch inside by a slight overpressure provided by the air generator.
The balloons are supported on the ground by the anchorage tubes, introduced in some specially designed "pockets".
The pipes are connected to the concrete foundation through anchorages metal rings which are fitted in foundation in the preliminary stage of concrete pouring.

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