Sports halls

The Atlas Sport team designs and builds sports halls that provides all the necessary spaces for the smooth functioning of basic activity, respectively practicing one or more sports. All projects based on sports hall construction are made to ensure the practice of sports activity by users in safety conditions, hygiene and comfort after requirements appropriate to the level of practice.

A sports hall construction is achieved respecting the 6 quality requirements, mandatory to be maintained throughout the life of a sports building:

  • A. Strength and stability;
  • B. Safety of operation;
  • C. Fire safety;
  • D. Hygiene, human health and environment restoration and protection
  • E. Insulation, waterproof insulation and energy saving;
  • F. Protection against noise.

The sports halls are designed and constructed such that this satisfy the quality, strength and stability requirements, according to technical regulations. The choice of the structural system and superstructure material for sports hall and their tribunes will be typically based on a technical economic study which will take into account the following parameters:

  • Functional requirements;
  • Configuration in plan and elevation;
  • The level of site' s seismicity;
  • Available execution technologies;
  • Execution duration
  • Additional costs resulting from the need of:
    • corrosion protection;
    • fire protection
    • comparable prices of: material, labor, construction machinery.

The sports halls are constructed mostly of metallic structure and sandwich panels.

Atlas Sport is one of the few construction companies that can offer its partners full range of products and services required for the construction of a sports hall.