Tennis fields

The tennis field is made up of a flat, rectangular surface with clay, rubber sport surface or acrylic.
The field has a length of 23.77 m and 8.23 m wide for simples play and 10.97 m for doubles play. The net has a height of 0.914 m.
Service median line and center mark should have a width of 5 cm. All other lines of the tennis court should have a width between 2.5 cm and 5 cm, excluding baselines who can be up to 10 cm wide.
For tennis fields that frequently unfold competitions it's recommended a general area about 37×18 meters. For tennis fields that are not for competitons, the general area must be at least 34×17 meters.

Clay tennis fields

Clay tennis fields are made of crushed natural stone. Usually they are constructed in five layers with larger particles at the bottom, falling to a thin layer on the surface. There are several types of clay, made up from a variety of materials. Some common ones are:

  • Red clay: Made of red brick dust. These surfaces are the most popular playing surfaces in the world and especially in Europe.
  • Green clay: Crushed basalt
  • Gray clay: natural gray loam
  • En Tout Cas: sandstone brick surface with a more granular appearance. In French, „En Tout Cas“ means "in any case" or “for any time”.

Tennis fields with synthetic grass

The tennis courts with synthetic grass (or artificial grass) are an alternative to the natural grass due to lower maintenance costs.
These fields usually have a base of concrete or asphalt, covered with a carpet of artificial grass with quartz sand filling. The sand keeps synthetic carpet instead, provide a safe playing surface and helps water drainage.

Rubber tennis courts

Tennis courts with rubber sport surface (polyurethane) provide a high degree of comfort and strength.
The rubber sport surface poured onto the playing area in two layers: one black with 9.8 mm thick, and the second, a different color, depending on your preference and destination of the field, having a thickness of 7-8 mm.
Rubber tennis courts are characterized by elastic properties and good durability in time.
The rubber sport surface is based on a material consisting of fine granules of rubber and recycled fibers rubber bonded with a special polyurethane adhesive.
Atlas Sport has built several tennis fields in Romania and Europe, many of these being integrated into the sports complex or multipurpose fields, with synthetic grass.