Residential fields

We are the first company in Romania to design & build backyard sport fields (courts). Within one week you can enjoy your very own artificial sport field in your back yard, with 5 years warranty and prices starting at 3.800 euro.

Running offers resistance, dribbling develops agility and coordination, and the team teaches everyone to interact with the others and to be confident in his own powers.
With much professionalism and experience accumulated during 13 years of activity, we guarantee the building of a football(soccer) field fitted to your yard.

The most important is to teach our children to practice sports from early ages in order to have a healthy life style.
Together we can find quality solutions for the game surface you desire, no matter it is hard, synthetic, clay or plaid. We are able to adapt to your dimensions you agree on, thus you have successful matches.

A basketball match means quality time in family, fun and unique memories.
In at most one week after signing the contract, you will take pleasure in an investment which will make you proud even after 10 years. We handle everything related to a field from A-Z, from infrastructure, facilities, markings etc.

More sports mean more fun and extra benefits.
Take advantage of the occasion and call your friends at a tennis match/basketball/football or volleyball. Sport is for all ages. Encourage your children to organize a football championship in your neighbourhood. They will spend more time outdoor and in the safety of your yard.

A sport field means an investment with certain results. It beautifies the existing place and brings joy in the neighbourhood.
The arrangement of a sport field may be a simple method to become different in the real estate market and to offer inhabitants an additional and long term benefit.
The costs of the work are low. For example, for a 50 apartments block of flats, the cost for a family is like paying for a simple telephone(cellphone), insignificant, by comparison with the value it brings. In addition, you will contribute to promoting a healthy life style.

We manufacture facilities for sports complexes ( sports accessories) in our own workshops:  football goals, handball goals, mini football goals, basketball basckets, tennis nets, mobile poles for nets support, adaptable for any type of nets sports.

Why choose us?

We are the largest company in Romania specialized in design and building of sports facilities and our goal is to remain the no.1 choice.
Our 13 years of experience have prepared us to boldly accept any challenge and any sports infrastructure project in Romania and Europe.
We have specialists with extensive experience in designing and building of sports facilities. We work with our own equipment and machines, all exclusively for sports projects. We produce everything needed in a sport field in-house in our workshops.
We do turnkey projects (A-Z) – design to inauguration. We take the full responsibility, making your work easier and we are by your side until completion.
By choosing to work with us you will enjoy a successful project that will make you proud. You will avoid a lot of effort, stress, you shall have a guaranteed quality, a global warranty that exceeds industry standards, all provided by an established company who puts fairness, honor and reliability first. These are the reasons why so many customers choose Atlas Sport.

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Testimonial for the Design & Build of 3 Multi Purpose Fields – St. Francisc Foundation

The price was accessible, based on this project, not only a field was finished but three.
They are honest people, they have adapted to our schedule. They form a young and dynamic team and they are also very kind. We have built not only a field but also a friendship. Thank you Atlas Sport!

Testimonial for the Building of 2 football fields in Sântimbru, AB

We are very pleased with their works. If we called them twice, it was because we were satisfied about they did for the first time.
We recommend Atlas Sport to other City Halls and institutions if they want to build synthetic fields for young people.

Testimonial for the Design & Build of a Multi Purpose Field in Șpring, AB

A very good collaboration..they were very prompt.
A successful investment… The 5 years warranty offered is one that you can’t find very often on the market.
The value for money is very good.
In our opinion, the result is wonderful.
I recommend to any public institution or private enterpriser to contact this company for the construction of a synthetic field.

Testimonial for the Design & Build of a sports base in Teaca, BN

The work was executed by Atlas Sport, an extremely serious company.
From the beginning I was pleased with the specialists who worked for this sports complex.
We are very satisfied with the work.

Testimonial for the Design & Build of a Multi purpose Field in Baciu, CJ

Our collaboration with Atlas Sport started in 2013. We are pleased with the way it was built and with the quality of the field.
The construction works were finished in time, our community is satisfied with the result we have obtained.

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Our Customers

Satu Mare City Hall
University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Gedeon Richter
Giurgiu City Hall
Roman Sports High School
Cetate Deva Sports Club
Valencia Bucuresti Sports Club
Edelweiss Austria
University Al I Cuza of Iasi
University of Pitesti
USAMV Cluj Napoca
Pantelimon City Hall
Mogosoaia Village
Baneasa City Hall
Bistrita City Hall
Arcada Company S.A.
Benke Mansion
Campina City Hall
Cuci City Hall
Dumbraveni Sibiu City Hall
Belis Cluj Napoca Village
Sebes City Hall
Baraolt City Hall
Gheorghe Dragos Satu Mare Economy College
Asmita Gardens
County Council for Youth and Sports Prahova
Varasti School
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  • Mallnitz, Austria, 3 sports fields with artificial turf: <br/>Footbal, Tennis și Basketball at Edelweiss HotelMallnitz, Austria, 3 sports fields with artificial turf:
    Footbal, Tennis și Basketball at Edelweiss Hotel
  • Querqus Development, Niger - Africa <br>Football field with artificial turfQuerqus Development, Niger - Africa
    Football field with artificial turf