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In our epoch monopolized by the digital technologies, quality time spent in family is hard to find. Either you are the owner of a residential complex/ pension or hotel and you want to offer a quality time to your family or to your customers, by stimulating them to practice sport – building a sport field, is probably the best investment you can make.
From the playing surfaces for the basketball fields you can choose: synthetic turf, hard (acrylic surface ) and tartan (Polyurethane sport floor ).
A basketball field with synthetic turf may be an excellent solution for a small size field, as it is built in a short period of time at with low costs.
Tartan fields (Polyurethane sport floor) have a lot of benefits, being characterized by elasticity and high resistance in time.
Other advantages:

  • Plaid floors reduce the risk of injury by absorbing shocks and skid
  • Are beautiful and pleasant aesthetic
  • Strong resistance to heat and light
  • Support heavy loads
  • Plaid acts as an inhibitor against mold and bacterial growth

Many basketball players learn to play basketball outdoors, either in parks, or in the streets from their neighborhood. Therefore, the hard surface remains the most common surface for playing basketball outdoors, due to its resistance in any weathering conditions.


Together we find the best option for your project. Starting from the smallest dimensions, from 6X12m to official size fields, we successfully handle any surface or size of the sport field. Our team will constantly offer you information, advice and consultancy during the entire project. The results will please you: the field will be suitable for the yard you have, for the level of activity you choose and for your budget.


The infrastructure (or sub base) of a basketball field with artificial turf includes stone layers and compacted sand, a system approved by artificial turf manufacturers.
Infrastructure of a basketball tartan field (Polyurethane sport floor) includes a filling made of concrete or asphalt, over which is applied the tartan carpet. Plaid is based on a material consisting of fine granules of recycled rubber and rubber fibers bonded with a special polyurethane adhesive. The system complies with all regulations in force, the manufactures is certified by FIBA, IAAF and ITF.
Infrastructure / sub base of a basketball court with a hard surface ( acrylic) comprises geotextile foundation, sealing layer and two layers of hot asphalt. The top layer is an acrylic system. It consists of several layers (4-8 layers) of synthetic acrylic that successfully prevents slipping, offers improved durability against wear and provides better performance during sport practice.


In building a sports field, both the quality of the playing surface used and the installation are extremely important.
Regardless of the playing area you prefer, we offer you the best materials and an experienced team to install them.


You don’t have to run all over the yard after the ball, as we can offer you protection nets made of resistant high quality materials. The fencing will be made of metal poles and between the poles we can place textile knitted net, rain resistant, freeze and UV resistant with a lifespan of 5-10 years.


1-4 halogen lights (depending on the size of the field) 400W or LED projectors( the equivalent for classical 400 W lights) and also an electric panel, wirings etc.

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