Multisport ground


Sport mini fields may be built and personalized, in order to be suited not only to your yard, but also to your family lifestyle, interests and also to your favourite sport activity. A multisport field is preferred as you can play on it various sports (football, handball, basketball, tennis, volley).
Multisport fields can be covered with artificial turf or with plaid.
A multisport field with artificfial turf is the best option to cover the field as regards the value for money and utility.

  • It is easy to install and the maintenance costs are minimal
  • It is extremely durable, the lifespan of the field is about 10 years daily used
  • It is soft, flexible at players’ contact with the ground, reducing the risk of injuries
  • It is always ready, at hand
  • It may be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
  • No matter the weathering conditions, artificial turf keeps its characteristics
  • It saves water, it doesn’t con and it doesn’t split off in furrows
  • Artificial turf doesn’t require mowing, sowing, cutting, fertilization
  • It increases the quality of the game: rolling of the ball, meaning the speed of the rolling
  • It doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment, it is recyclable
  • It offers resistance: to frost-defrost, heat and its colour is kept due to UV constancy

Another option for building a multisport field, a little more expensive, but with more benefits, is plaid. It’s easy to maintain, being ideal for any sport activity.
Because of styreneacrylic componence, multisport plaid fields show extreme resistance to abrasion, weathering, UV radiation and climate change. The plaid is easy to apply and due to its elasticity, the play area is safe for players, ensuring exceptional performance.
Other advantages:

  • plaid floors reduce the risk of injury by absorbing shocks and skid
  • pleasant aesthetic
  • strong resistance to heat and light
  • support heavy loads
  • plaid acts as an inhibitor against mold and bacterial growth


Depending on the space you have at your disposal, together we can find the best type for your project. Starting from the smallest dimensions, from 6X12m to official size fields, we handle successfully sport fields of any surface or dimension. Our team will present you in this way, information, pieces of advice and consultancy during the entire project, thus the field can be suited to your yard, to your level of activity and to your budget.


The infrastructure of a multisport field includes stone layers and compacted sand, approved by manufacturers.
The infrastructure of a multisport field with plaid includes an infill of compacted ballast, reinforced concrete or asphalt which is covered with plaid. Plaid fields are characterized by elasticity and high resistance in time.
Plaid is a material made of soft rubber granules and recycled rubber fibers fixed with a special polyurethane adhesive.
The system respects all the standards, the manufacturer being authorized by FIBA, IAAF și ITF.


For your optimal comfort we use synthetic lawn for soccer with 20-26 mm high grass, infill made with dry quartz sand and rubber granules. The lawn may be green, red or a combination of these. It has markings with white and yellow line insertions.


Installation of artificial turf, infilling with dry qurtz sand, is a process which needs experience and patience. Relying on an experience of over 13 years, we do this kind of installation at the highest standards, with performant equipment for the best playing experience. In the same time, the installation of the artificial turf is done according to the producers’ recommendations and using proper adhesives and professional tools.
For mounting a plaid surface we need to have a concrete/asphalt substrate. Plaid casting can be done only in certain weathering conditions and having specialized equipment. Atlas Sport team handled successfully such kind of projects; we can transfer our accumulated experience, to the project in your yard.


You will not have to run all over the yard after the ball, as we can place the protection net at your disposal, this one made of resistant and qualitative materials. The surrounding will be made of metal poles and between the poles we can place textile knitted net, rain resistant, freeze and UV resistant with a lifespan of 5-10 years.


1-4 halogen lights( depending on the dimension of the field) 400W or LED projectors( the equivalent for classical 400 W light bulbs) and also an electric panel, wirings etc.

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