Atlas Sport builds sport tribunes on light galvanized steel structure. The main advantages of sport tribunes are effective, acceptable cost, while resistance and low maintenance.

Our company provides services for stands construction on metal structure adaptable to any type of field, depending on its size and the number of seats needed. Each project includes: design, works at ground level, demolition, foundation, tribune construction and facility.

Spectator stands are resistant to extreme temperatures: -30 C, +40 º C.

Opting for sport tribunes each spectator and guess of the game is much closer to the action. All the stands are built to suit the needs and requirements and can be designed to fit into any space.

A plus we bring in tribunes construction is creating (on request) sports stands, zones and/or access ramps for disabled people. A metal stand is designed to provide complete and relentless visibility on the game field providing optimal viewing experience.

Another advantage of sports tribunes built by Atlas Sport is that they reduce costs from the design phase and execution of sports stands is made through replacement of reinforced concrete foundations with light structures, metallic and weight structure reducing.

This results in a low cost of implementation without affecting in any way the quality or strength of sports tribune.

Sports tribunes can be covered to protect spectators and for their comfortable use in any season.

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